Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation and Small Hobby Lobby Haul

Hi everyone!!  Hope you are doing well.

I am across the country visiting my brother this week in Loveland Colorado.  Oh I love it out here.  The mountains are gorgeous.  I can wait to scrap this trip.  I did get a nice sun burn, even though there was snow on the ground in the mountains. In town was about 30 - 40 degrees warmer than where we went touring Monday. While it was hot in town, we traveled up over 12,000 feet and it was cold with some snow.  My kids got to have a snow ball battle in shorts  lol.  But I also got to go shopping at a Hobby Lobby which I do not have one near by me at home.  Below are a few pictures and a video

                                             Here are the kids in the snow, were battling it out   

  An elk that thoight the trees looked more appetizing.
Nice view of the mountain range

Ok now for my video....  thanks for watching

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swirly Frame SVG Files

Hello Bloggers!!!

I know, I know...  I don't post as much as I should.  Life just gets the best of me sometimes. Been busy with work, real estate business, home life, swaps...  plus getting ready to fly out to my brother's in Loveland, Colorad on Saturday..  Me, Brian (my other half)  and his 2 boys are all going for a week.  I am so excited. 

 But I have made a couple svg files for you tonight.  Here are the links.  Frame 1  and   Frame 2