Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Card Challenge Winner

Good morning everyone.  This has been a long couple weeks.  I have been pretty sick with a nasty flu, but the worst is over.  I was finally able to return to work on Thursday.  I still do not have my voice back completely and a bit congested still.  However, I feel much better.  So, now maybe I can tend to some blog stuff.  The first order of business is the challenge I posted for Valentines Day.  I do have a winner.... 

(drum roll please...........)

The winner is Robyn.  Everyone did a fantastic job.  My judges loved looking at the entries....  So Robyn, I need you to contact me with your mini or seasonal cartridge of choice and your mailing address..

Congrads!!!!!   Below you will find a pic of her entry and a link to her blog

Robyn's Fetish Blog

Later today or tomorrow I will announce my design team.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Design Team Announcement.. not tonight

I am still weak.  I just can't host a chat but will put together a post in the next couple of days of who my design team is and they will receive their first assignment for March.  I will be announcing the winner of the Valentines Day Challenge on Tuesday.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Been Feeling Well

I am checking in.  I have not posted at all this week  because of the flu.  If having sciatic nerve issues was not bad enough, my boyfriend, Brian got the flu last weekend and I got it the next day.  We have been down for a week... both of us missed work the entire week.  Today is the first day in a week that I even feel almost human.  I think I have a touch of strep throat with the flu.  I had no voice yesterday.  If I am feeling better tomorrow, then tomorrow night I will open up a chat room and announce my new design team.  On monday I will announce the winner of the cricut cart as well.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free SVG File... Go Steelers

I just had to create this svg files for those who love the Steelers as much as I...  It is the logo for my beloved team.  Enjoy

Click Here to Download

Extending Design Team Dead Line

This is just a note to announce that I am extending the deadline to apply for my design team until next Saturday at midnight.  So, you have until Feb 12 at midnight to apply.  Just click on the Design Team link in my nav  bar at the top of the page.

By The Way......



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video Tutorial Episode 2 - Unmounting Rubber Stamps

Good morning.  As promised, I did another video.  I had to go  back to my digi camera because editing videos shot with my camcorder is difficult.  I can not do what I want with it and limited to the software that came with the thing.  I dislike it very much.  I will use it for personal home videos but will be seeking out another solution for myblog.

I borrowed a tabletop tripod from my step son's telescope kit and it worked great.  This is my very first video tutorial so it may be rough.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just A Little Update

I don't mean to be MIA..  but I have been driving myself crazy with videos.  I just got a Panasonic camcorder this past weekend and trying to figure everything out about it.  It was only $80 at our Big Lots.  I am disappointed though.  It records fine..  great for home movies..  but for tutorials and web broadcasts that I want to do...  the editing software has a lot to be desired.  My professional software won't pull the video in..  says no Codac or something like that..  The editing software for the camcorder is primative to say the least.  I designed a title screen finally but can't figure out how to pull that in.  I may have to go back to just using my digital camera in video mode to record my stuff for my blog.   At least I can edit it easier.  I have my first video tutorial planned.  Recorded it once and then deleted it because I couldn't edit it the way I wanted to and it needed work.  Back to the drawing board and hopefully I will have something for you this weekend.