Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free Jolly Doggie Christmas Blogger Theme

Good morning everyone.

I have a unique freebie today.  Not a cut file or anything paper crafting related, per say...  but I created this cute blogger theme and I was going to post it in my Etsy shop for sale, but decided to give it away instead.  You will need to download 2 files which I will give the links to.  One is the installation instructions and the other is the theme files in a zip file.

Please note that no content is included.  It will import your current widgets and pages. The ones shown in the image below are for example only.  This is a template with a single sidebar and post area.

Now for some usage terms.  I hate to do this, but in this day and age I have too.

You will need your own image hosting and follow the instructions on changing the path in the XML file. If you want me to host the images and upload to your blogger account, in my Etsy shop, you can purchase the blog installation listing.  I think I have it listed for $5.00.  I am not offering this for free because of bandwidth on my domain. The installation add on listing is located in the Blogger section of my shop.

Do not redistribute.  Please link back to this post if anyone wants this theme.  Do not sell this theme or claim it as your own.  Do not modify the copyright or the link back to my site at the very bottom of the page.

Click Here To Download Installation Instructions

Click Here to Download the Zip file for the theme files

                                                        Click the image for larger view

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Free SVG - Holly Sprig

Good evening!!

Guess what!!!  I have another file for you tonight.   WOW..  2 in one day.  This doesn't happen very often.  I just have a slow day today.

This is just a sprig of holly.

Click Here to download

Free Spooky Tree SVG file

Good Afternoon Everyone

I hope everyone is great today.  I am coming back today with a free SVG file for your Halloween scrapping needs. This is a spooky tree.  I know it has been a while since I posted any svg files, but I had a few minutes today to play.  As some of you may know, I am doing some freelance graphic design and web developement work which has been keeping me busy.  While I am waiting for a couple clients to get back to me on proofs, I had some time to play.

Click Here To Download


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Look and Template For Sale

Hello everyone,

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything.  I just updated my blog template and if you like it, you can actually purchase it from one of my Etsy Shops

I will try to get some freebies up here for the Holiday Season.  I have been very busy with my freelance graphic design work. 

Until Later...


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Birthday Card and Free SVG


It has been quite a while since I last posted anything.  I have been very busy the past couple months.  But, I decided to pop in and show you a card I made this morning for my sister n law.  Today is not only the 4fth of July but also her birthday.  I will also share the svg file that I created.  I created an svg file for the base.

Click Here To Download

I created the rose using a die from Quilling Creations for making rolled roses.  I used the medium sized die. The black and white mat on the front is a flocked paper from DCWV in their street market collection.

That is it for now

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paper This and That Now on Facebook

Good morning Blogland.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today.  We are finally having spring like weather....  what a long winter.  The groundhog lied.  I sooooo want to take a trip to Punxsutawney with a shot gun and hunt ground hog for ground hot stew.

Anyhow...  Just wanted to let my followers know that I now have my Etsy store on Facebook.  I need some love over there girls!!  LOL...  Like me  LOL

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Blog

Just an announcement here...  I have another blog that I started.  I will still use this one for my scrapbooking and paper crafting.  I am falling back on my old love....  graphic design.  I have a graphic design blog which I will show case some of my creations.  I do business cards, flyer, brochures, web banners and more.  If you want to check it out the address is

In my Etsy shop, I posted my first Etsy banner....  it is a Springtime theme.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Digital Paper Pack.. Plaid Pack 1

Good morning everyone.   I been playing around with patterns this morning and created a brand new digital paper pack.  It is 12 x 12  and high quality 300 dpi....  sharp and crisp.  I do have it for sale.  I will be adding it to my Etsy shop and will be for sale here.  I am also including a freebie paper for you to download.

Click Here To Download

Here is the whole digital pack.  Pack of 10 papers.  I will email you the link to download your papers with in 24 hours.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taking a Poll on Digital Papers

Good morning everyone.
What have I been up to?  Well, thanks to Shery K Designs, she has given me inspiration to design some digital papers.  I have done a few in the past using Adobe Photoshop and they came out ok.  But, I gave up the idea because the competition was so fierce and felt I didn't have the skills.  But I am back to it again.  I have been learning alot.  What I want to know is what size you prefer.  I want to sell some digital paper packs and give some papers away for free here on my blog.  On Etsy, I see sizes ranging from the traditional 12 x 12 to 6 x 6.  Personally, I think the 6 x 6 is too small...  but in the side bar is a poll that I will leave open for 2 weeks to see what most would like to see.

Thank you for taking the time to vote.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Exploring Cricut Cartridges - Creative Cards

Good evening....

Last month, Cricut gave Creative Cards free for a week in the Cricut Craftroom.  I decided to play with it a little.  This cart has some really cute cards to cut and make plus the envelopes to go with them.  As I examined the images, I can see me using several in combination with other images or SVG files.  I can see using the bird cage in other projects.

Anyhow, I recorded a video this morning.  This is something new to me.  I have done a couple tutorial videos but never a "demo" video, just making something on camera.  Here is my first attempt at that.  The only thing is that I made a boo boo..  I called the cartridge "Create A Card" in the video and it is really Creative Cards.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Picket Fence SVG File

Good morning everyone.  I am back again with another file that I was playing with.  I needed a fence svg for a project I am working on and I am here to share it with you.  I love MTC software and making my own files.  Gives me the freedom to create what I need.

Click Here to Download

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free Swirly Border SVG File

Hello everyone...

I know that I have been neglecting my followers.  I haven't posted any freebies in quite a while.  Well, I am going to treat you today. But before I do..  and update on McKenzy.  She is not doing very well.  This little girl really needs your prayers.  Her kidneys are shutting down and the chemo has not worked.  They are starting her on double chemo.  The first treatment can kill her or her skin can peel off.  Those are extreme cases but very possible.

Ok, now, for the file today.  I was playing with my Make The Cut software and created this swirly like border.  Hope you enjoy it.  Click Here to download.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need Your Help. McKenzy's Story

Meet McKenzy Lynn Swope, born July 12, 2001.  Here is this brave little girl's story.......

A week before McKenzy's 10th birthday, she was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  She started having nose bleeds and high fevers.  After much testing and misdiagnosing, they found out that she had Leukemia.  She immediately started treatment and soon after was sent into a seizure because of one of the medications.  This seizure put her in a coma and in the ICU.  Everyone was terrified and when she woke up it was truly a miracle.  The doctors weren't sure if there would be permanent brain damage or not.  They didn't know if she'd ever speak or remember anyone again.  When McKenzy woke up, she instantly asked for her mother which her family knew was a good sign.  However, her head kept leaning to one side.  She found it almost impossible to hold her head straight or look straight at who she was talking to.  After a while, this too went away.  McKenzy continued treatment and soon was told she was in remission.  She had only 9 treatments left in maintenance when everyone got the horrible news.  Her Leukemia was back.  She is now going through all of the treatments again and losing her hair again.  McKenzy is such a bright, smart and loving 11 year old girl and "crafty" too.  She is such a brave little girl.  She faces all of this with a smile on her face, never showing fear or weakness.  Her biggest dream is to meet her crush, Justin Bieber.

Now, for the part where you come in.  McKenzy's aunt works with me.  She said that McKenzy loves to do crafts.  Over the next couple weeks, I am taking donations for children's crafts that she can do in the hospital or at home.  McKenzy is currently back in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh because 2 nights ago she started running a fever again.  The kinds of donations I am looking for are craft items suitable for children.  If you would like to send a craft to me, email me at and I will send you my mailing address.  The other option is you can make a monetary donation via paypal and I will go to Michaels or JoAnn's in my area and pick some items up for her. If you make a monetary donation, click the donation button below.  I want McKenzy's eyes to just  light up. 

Also, I am looking for someone willing to make her a smash / junk journal.  I am not good with these kinds of minis.  If you would like to volunteer to make one, leave a comment on this post.

Thank You for your support......   Leukemia is something that hits close to home for me after the horrible disease took the life of my cousin 2 1/2 years ago.....  feel free to include an uplifting card to McKenzy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Look For Valentine's Day and Updates

Hello to my faithful followers...

I am pretty much checking in.  I decided to update the look of my blog to reflect Valentine's Day. After all, Christmas was over how many weeks ago???  geeee I forget.  Time just flies when you are having fun.

I have been busy working on a few projects..  mostly for swaps.  I am going to be reopening my store on etsy here soon.  I will post the details later. It was closed for a while.  I had an issue where I mailed an item to a customer and it got lost in the mail.  Etsy tried to contact me and I guess everything got stached in my spam box (which I never use to check until now).  But got the issue resolved and ready for a fresh start.  I have to get some things made for my store.  I plan on making some mini albums, handmade flowers and embellishments and what ever else I can think of.

Well, hope you all have a good day....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One More Video

I have another video for you today.  I actually had 2, but I did some editing and combined the 2 into 1.  Neither video was very long, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.

This is a video of 2 different Itty Bitty Mini Album Swaps on Mini Album Scraps.

Happy New Year and Video

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!    2012 was a really rough year for our family, we suffered so much loss..  but the end of the year had a gain...   a daughter-n-law.

 I also decided to start the year off with a video of a swap I participated in on ... It was a TP Mini Swap.  We were to make a fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas themed mini for our partner.  My partner was Rebecca and I made her a Christmas themed mini.

Thanks for watching!!!!