Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Make The Cut Beta Version Just Released!!!

Andy at Make The Cut has done it again.  I mean he has really out done himself on his newest release.  It is still in beta but works perfectly and if all goes well will become the official new version.

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Pixel Trace (Trace Raster)

The big enhancment is with the Trace Raster tool (now called Pixel Trace). The tracing has been completly redone from the ground up. You will now get cleaner, more precise traces -- We believe this new tracing interface is the best around and am sure you will think so as well.
* You can now paste from the clipboard as well as import from a file or TWAIN source.

* You can preview the trace with the original image in the background.

* When importing an image, it takes in to account the image's DPI (great for TWAIN imports).

* And many, many more features!


If you don't know what nodes are, or what they are for, you can skip this part!

Welding, Boolean Joining and Shadowing creates output that are made of many nodes, otherwise called "Flat Paths". These paths (shapes) take a long time to cut. The only way you could remove unneeded nodes was to use the Smooth & Simplify tool. This is tough to do sometimes. So, we came up with a new method called Auto-Simplify. Auto-Simplify (shortcut is CTRL+G) will automatically remove these unneeded nodes. We also added an Auto-Auto-Simplify... which is on by default. This will simplify all welds and Boolean Joins automatically.

Object Import Menu

The Custom Shapes tab has been removed. I know this is probably going to be a shock to most people, but it needed to go. Imagine having to add an icon for each supported format. Make The Cut! would have tons of icons as time goes on. Instead, we added an Object Import menu. You can now import from the File>>Import menu as well as the Toolbar at the top. The new icon is the Sprocket/Gear.

The "Personal Library" has been moved to the "Basic Shapes" as a new tab entitled "Your Shapes"

New Import/Export File Formats

You can now import:
•Vector PDF files

•SCUT/SCUT2 files (Version 2.012 and older -- this is experimental and will be worked on)

You can now export:
•Vector PDF files

•EPS Files

•AI Files

•Alpha PNG Raster Files

We also added in Inkscape clipboard formats. Now you can copy and paste between Inkscape and Make The Cut!

Bézier Warp/Text On Path/Object On Path, Vertical Text

Here is something fun! You can create some great new effects with this tool. I won't get in to it too much since this is more-or-less a fun thing to learn on your own. You can also do vertical text in 2.3.0.

Here is the new Bezier Warp tool:

And Much Much more!

There are so many new things here and there that listing them all would take a while. So I will leave it up to all of you to find the rest of it!
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