Monday, November 22, 2010

The New Make The Cut Beta 3 Software

Oh what a dream the new Make The Cut software is!!!  Andy has answered the call for Print and Cut!!  This feature is so awesome.  You can now print your image and cut around it.  Below are instrucitons and a video I found outlining the process.

1) Open MTC and click on the Pixel Trace button and go to where your image is stored, highlight it and click open.  You may want to start with something simple, not very detailed to experiment with.

2) Set the threshold to 254. You want to make sure you get the whole out line of the graphic.

3) Check the “Set Image as Texture” checkbox and click Import.

4) Next, click on the image to select it and click on the Blackout button.

5) You also want to uncheck “outline shapes” at the bottom of the Visual Mat tab.

6) Click on File and then Print and Print the image out.

7) Click on File and Print Options..  check the option to show paper on mat.

8)  Align the printed paper just as it shows on mat on the screen and cut your image. 

Its that easy....  check out the following video..  Get your copy of MTC by clicking on the link in my sidebar

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