Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New Scotch ATG Gun

I got my new toy errrrr  I mean tool yesterday in the mail.  I ordered the pink Scotch ATG gun, my birthday present to myself.

I can not wait to get started using it.  I have been trying different adhesives and none really measuring up to what I wanted.  I played with it a little last night and it is so easy to use.  The tape glides on with ease and once it is stuck, it is stuck.  This is a great alternative to the red gun that Scotch puts out but with out the high price tag.  This pink one was maybe half of what I would have paid for the traditional red ATG.  For those of you looking for a good applicator, you must give this one a try.  My only complaint is that it has a learning curve to loading.  It didn't come loaded.  I had to load it myself last night and it took me a good 15 minutes to get it figured out and loaded.  But, once you have done it a couple times it does get easier.

You can purchase yours below..  Compare this price to the red one which is almost $50

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