Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just A Little Update

I don't mean to be MIA..  but I have been driving myself crazy with videos.  I just got a Panasonic camcorder this past weekend and trying to figure everything out about it.  It was only $80 at our Big Lots.  I am disappointed though.  It records fine..  great for home movies..  but for tutorials and web broadcasts that I want to do...  the editing software has a lot to be desired.  My professional software won't pull the video in..  says no Codac or something like that..  The editing software for the camcorder is primative to say the least.  I designed a title screen finally but can't figure out how to pull that in.  I may have to go back to just using my digital camera in video mode to record my stuff for my blog.   At least I can edit it easier.  I have my first video tutorial planned.  Recorded it once and then deleted it because I couldn't edit it the way I wanted to and it needed work.  Back to the drawing board and hopefully I will have something for you this weekend.

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