Friday, January 11, 2013

New Look For Valentine's Day and Updates

Hello to my faithful followers...

I am pretty much checking in.  I decided to update the look of my blog to reflect Valentine's Day. After all, Christmas was over how many weeks ago???  geeee I forget.  Time just flies when you are having fun.

I have been busy working on a few projects..  mostly for swaps.  I am going to be reopening my store on etsy here soon.  I will post the details later. It was closed for a while.  I had an issue where I mailed an item to a customer and it got lost in the mail.  Etsy tried to contact me and I guess everything got stached in my spam box (which I never use to check until now).  But got the issue resolved and ready for a fresh start.  I have to get some things made for my store.  I plan on making some mini albums, handmade flowers and embellishments and what ever else I can think of.

Well, hope you all have a good day....
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