Friday, October 31, 2014

Zentangles - Second Attempt and Weekly Challenge 191 Betweed

Hello everyone...

I am attempting to do the Zentangle thing again.  The bug bit me.  I did one a couple years ago and never picked it back up.  Now, at work, we are in our slow season (working in a call center) and have some time on my hands in between calls.  We can't really bring in any crafts (crochet, macrame, etc) that I used to do at my desk.  However, we are allowed pens and paper. The next best thing was trying my hand at Zentangles again.

I am an extreme novice.  I have been browsing Pinterest and seeing so many amazing works of art.  I think, "Geeee  I wish I was that good...  I want to do that."  With that said, my attempts are very amateur looking.  But I guess if I keep on trying I will get better.  I am not real happy with my results.  But they are what they are.  I will share them any how.

The first one was done yesterday.  It was my second Zentangle ever.  and the Second one is for a challenge on Diva CTZ web site blog for her weekly challenge.  This week is about Betweed tangle and is the second pic.

on this one I just doodled and added some purplish pink for some color.

This is a bookmark that I made.  I am going to back it with scrapbook paper and laminate it for my mom.  She has never heard of Zentangles and tried to show and explain to her what they are.  I thought I would make something for her. I still have to get the shading down.  I seem to get it too dark where I scribble with the pencil and it does shade but remains too dark in the middle.  Start with small  projects and work my way up to bigger ones.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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