Friday, January 16, 2015

Purrfect Friends Card Using Cricut Explore and Design Space - Free File

Good morning.

I created this card this morning, just playing around with Design Space and my Explore.  What I wanted to see if I could figure out was how to print on a specific shape with out going outside of Design Space.  Trying to save a step or two.  Below is a screen shot of my design space file and a pic of the finished card.  It is not a knock your socks off card but one to demonstrate what can be done in Design Space.  Following the pics, I will describe what I did.  I am not the best at tutorials.


First, I inserted some images from the image library.  Sorry, didn't take note of the image set.  I searched for kitty, scalloped circle and banner.

I found a card base from the Birthday Bash image set / cartridge.

I realize now that I could have went in and hid contours to get rid of the cut line where you are supposed to score, but I did it the long way.  I brought in a square, resized it and then selected the base and the square and welded them.  It did the trick.

Next I did an image search in the library for score line.  Brought it in, placed it where I wanted it and attached it to the card base.

Now the real fun began.  I placed the kitty over the scalloped circle.  selected both, grouped them and flattened.  Guess what...  a printer icon appeared for it to print then cut.

Next, I ungrouped the banner.  put some text on the white section.  selected the white part and the text.  Grouped them.  Again, flattened them.  waaa laaaa.   Now my text will print and the Explore will cut out the white part of the banner with the text on It.  It worked like a charm.

To finish the card, I placed a very light yellowish piece of card stock on the back side to make the cut out text stand out.  Oh yes...  forgot about that.  I inserted an images that said "Friends" and then selected the card base and the image of friends and did a slice.

My thoughts on this process is how I can use digital stamps in design space.  Not to cut but to print on things like banners or can do curved text on a circle shape.  Now, I don't have to go into photoshop or Illustrator to create an image to import.  Hope this helps others out there wondering if this could be done or not.  YES it can.

Lastly, I am going to share the link to my file just in case anyone is interested.  Click Here to download
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