Thursday, January 26, 2017

[ VIDEO ] Another Masculine Birthday Card and Upcoming Coffee and Crafts Episode

Hey everyone!!!!  How is everyone doing???  I have been busy.  Working on mini albums, cards, all kinds of things.

The first order of business is that I am planning a live YouTube stream on Saturday February 11th about 10:00 AM EST.  I will be putting together the Close To My Heart Welcome Wreath.  You have to check this out.

For details, you can click here
You will find 4 ways to get this wreath kit at the above link.  Order yours now and have it by Feb 11th.  Then we can make our wreaths together.

Now for the next thing for tonight's post....  I had to make a card for my oldest son who turned 29 this past Monday.  You will find the picture and video below.

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