Friday, December 5, 2014

Couple More Christmas Cards For 2014

Good evening.

It is late and I am going to have to get my little butt to bed ( actually not so little) here soon.  But, I just wanted to share a couple cards that I had made. The red based card I did tonight.  I bit the bullet  and subscribed to the Cricut Craftroom monthly subscription.  It is saving me some time right now not having to create svg files from the cart images.  I say it is worth it consider the over 25,000 images and fonts I have access to now.  The licensed carts are not available for subscriptions.  Those I will still have to create my own svg files from them.  But I don't use those very often.

Anyhow, the first card that I am showing you I made over a week ago.  I saw on Pinterest pins that used dryer sheets.  I decided to try it and here is how it turned out.  It is hard to see the glitter on camera, but I tried to display it the best that I could.

The next card I made in CCR since I subscribed.  It was a project file that I downloaded that featured the Quilted Christmas cartridge.  I added some white flat back pearls and a gem on the packages.  I used my Martha Stewart Pine Branch punch and added a few of those and I have these pearl pens.  I used my red one to create faux flat back pearls as berries.

That is it for tonight.  I have to get some sleep.  I was hoping to get another one done, but I ran out of time.  I have a busy weekend.  I have to show a house tomorrow and do some office time in the afternoon and on Sunday I am sitting an open house on a pretty new listing.

Later all and good night.
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