Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Cricut Explorer Still In Shipping Box

Good evening.

I am too excited right now.  My theory was correct.  My DH did order my Cricut Explore from Amazon.  The bad news is that he ordered the normal machine not in any bundles.  When I sent him the link to the starter bundle with the extra tools, he already had the machine on order.  He didn't let on at the time that he had ordered already.  I think I am going to see if Amazon will do something for us though.  The starter bundle was the same price as with out the extra stuff.  If Amazon won't help then I will call Cricut.  I at least want the stylus.  I can work around the deep cut blade at the moment by doing custom settings and doing a multi cut for my chip board. 

The machine was not shipped by Amazon but by Provocraft.  I got home today before my DH and there it was on the porch with Cricut Explorer on the shipping box in big bold letters.  I don't think my husband wanted me to know for sure until Christmas morning that I ordered it for me.  But, I still have to wait until Christmas morning to open it.  I can't wait!!!!

The lighting was not great when I took the pic.  It was really under exposed.  I photoshopped it a little.  But it is fuzzy.
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