Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cricut Design Space App on iPad Mini

Good afternoon ladies and gents...


I have been exploring my new iPad Mini 2 and loving it.  I was skeptical at first because I have always been an Android person.  I found it very easy to use and it is really fast.  The camera in it is decent and takes pretty good pictures. 


      You Can Purchas Here  This is for the 32 Gig (Recommended) at a good price.  On Amazon  $306.95 and FREE SHIPPING


The main reason that I wanted the iPad Mini 2 was because of the Cricut Design Space App.  OMG folks...  it is fantastic.  The iPad App for Cricut Design Space will be the only version that you can print then cut and the biggest feature will be designing and cutting OFF LINE!!  No Internet Connection Needed!!!   Wooooohooooo.  You will only have to be online to download the app and have about 3 gig of space available on your iPad.  After that, you only go online to sync with the desktop version to get newer images and projects that you may have created on one device or another.  I have been waiting for this feature and it is on its way soon.




On YouTube, there are many videos demonstrating the new app which is beta right now.  It should be released soon.  If you want to be able to design and cut off line, like I said, you need to have an iPad  to do this.


Santa is good to me.....  I received my Cricut Explorer last Christmas and this year my iPad Mini 2....  Come on and jump on the band wagon and get yours.

You Can Purchas Here


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