Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Card

Ok Folks...  I took the plunge and finally did my first card.  It isn't
perfect.  I made many mistakes.  First the frame, I didn't align it
correctly, so I used a gold leaf pen to go around the border to hide the
white paper underneath.  The next thing, I do not feel the colors contrasted
enough.  But I tried to fix it up the best I could.
I used a patterned paper and covered the card stock..  It was a pattern of
white roses.  Then I used my Cricut Expressions and cut out a frame that I
got from Penny Duncan's web site / blog.  I used gold leaf pen to outline
the card and outline the words Happy Birthday.  I then took some of the left
over rose paper and use my flower paper punch and cut 3 flowers and glued
them onto the frame.  I used my gold leaf pen to do the flower centers.  I
then took brown water color blendable marker and outlined the entire frame
to try to make it stand out a tad and create some contrast.  I quilled 3
scroll hearts and 6 leaves to add detail.
Oh well..  Not great but not too too bad I guess for my first attempt at a
greeting card.
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